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Hello There.


Many thanks for visiting my personal website. You'll find a digest of my creative and professional work, as well as details of my vision and beliefs which I try to embed in everything I do. 

Human centricity, kindness, honesty, care for all living beings, and passion for genuinely innovative and sustainable solutions are in the sole of my work, both for the professional activities and creative expressions. 

In various consultancy roles at socionova, Clockwork, and Digital Power, I was privileged to work for numerous organizations on challenges with regard to digital transformation, customer experience research and optimization, and innovation. Currently working for ABN Amro Clearing via Digital Power as lead customer experience consultant.

Design Thinking in the heart of everything.

In everything I do, I try to incorporate three essential elements, depicted as the fundaments of Design Thinking by to Tim Brown: 

1. desirability, understanding the end consumer through research and testing; 2. viability, understanding the organizational strategy and goals; and 3. feasibility, trend watching latest technology that make it happen.

I try to explore the key elements of these three aspects and merge them into a useful, sustainable, and wonderful art piece, product, or business. Scrum and Lean Startup methodologies help me to iteratively learn, optimize and deliver. In 2018, I obtained the Product Owner certificate from

Tim Brown's Design Thinking diagram.

Creative session with Virgin Media Ireland

Customer experience, innovation and more at renowned organizations.

Digest of current and past activities for renowned organizations, applying the design thinking mindset:

  • Trend watching, inspiration workshops, investment pitches (for Rabobank);

  • Persona building, customer/user lifecycle/journey mapping and optimization (for, among others, Virgin Media, Nuon, Vesteda, Robeco);

  • User testing, A/B testing and other research methods for optimization of digital journeys (for Philips);

  • Product and service innovation, video productions, customer experience analysis and advice (for Essent/Innogy, socionova in collaboration with, among others, Koninklijke Bibliotheek).

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I strongly believe in the power of sharing, whether it's sharing thoughts, sharing moments, sharing ideas or projects. Sharing means feedback, it means inspiration, it means connection. Therefore, let's connect!